Nivo Slider for Zen Cart

The reason I’m sharing this is because I needed a replacement for the popular Easy Slider Slideshow. Why?? Simple.. The Easy Slider slideshow that comes with several Zen Cart templates does not work in all browsers. Specifically Safari (Mac and PC) or the default Android browser. (Not sure about iOS, but it’s likely the iOS would have the same issues)

So in my quest to find another slideshow that would be more cross-browser compatible, I settled on the Nivo slider. It uses a newer JQuery Library than the Easy Slider and it turns out that it was pretty easy to adapt this slideshow for use with Zen Cart.

I’ve attached the files for anyone interested in using the Nivo Slider (I re-purposed many of the files used in other templates which have adapted the Easy Slider for Zen Cart). The fileset provides a sample slideshow based on the demo that comes with the Nivo slider. The demo provides several examples of ways to configure the Nivo Slider. I did not include a readme in this package. The demo is fairly self explanatory, and the stylesheet is setup to support the four Nivo Themes. If you are familiar with installing Zen Cart add-ons this should be a pretty easy install. If you need additional help configuring the slideshow, you can try these threads:
jQuery Plugin Usage –
Advanced Tutorials (jQuery Plugin Tutorials) –

While I’m sharing this here, I would like to respectfully ask that anyone who decides to use the Nivo slider package post those questions on the Zen Cart forum. This way the community can assist you or post your issues on the Nivo slider support forum. (